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Also 17-mile Blaylock Creek "fun" run; both events are out-and-back courses utilizing the Athens-Big Fork trail.

No entry fee, however, a donation of $10 per runner is encouraged to support the Big Fork Community Center, which is opened for the event, and to cover the cost of aid station supplies.

NOTE: This event is NOT for trail-newbies.

If you are not an experienced trail - or ultra-runner (or adventure racer), we happily invite you to one of the other UTS runs, BUT NOT THIS ONE. This is a difficult event on a difficult trail that presents many opportunities for one to get lost, injured, exhausted, or incapacitated--with sparse access for rescue.

MORE Notes:

Please do not be enticed into trying this run because of the difficulty warning--it is merely an honest attempt at preventing the run organizers from having to find and rescue someone ill-equipped for the event.

A cut-off time of 10:30am (2.5 hours) will be enforced at the turn-around (half-way) point for the 17-mile run. Runners reaching that point after 10:30 must turn around (--NOT proceed on the marathon course).

For more information, contact Stacey