2015-2016 AURA Members List

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Photo Name Sex City AURA
George Peterka
M Hot Springs 158-events
Deb Baker
F Little Rock 76-events
Lisa Gunnoe
F Judsonia 66-events
Stacey Shaver
F North Little Rock 68-events
Steve Adkison M Arkadelphia 1-event
David Allen M Jonesboro 6-events
Daniel Arnold M Benton 24-events
Caleb Ault M North Little Rock 20-events
Dennis Baas M Little Rock 13-events  
  Eva Bailey F Benton 9-events
Jerry Bailey M Fayetteville 11-events
Tony Baily M Heber Springs 20-events
Deborah Baldridge F Mabelvale 22-events
Chris Baldwin M Roland 23-events
  Leslie Bardessono F Searcy 3-events  
Patrick Barker M Little Rock 53-events
  Ken Barton M Greenwood 36-events  
Chris Beason F Malvern 8-events  
Jeff Beason M Malvern 6-events
Paul Becker M Monticello 8-events email
Susan Beckwith F Lonsdale 9-events
Dan Belanger M Little Rock 27-events
Joshua Bornhorst M Little Rock 72-events
Greg Bourns M Mena 39-events
Bill Brass M N Little Rock 50-events
Tom Brennan M Poteau, OK 53-events
Renee Brock F Conway 5-events  
Christy Brooks F London 15-events
Laura Beth Brown F Searcy 4-events
Rich Brown M Searcy 53-events
Krista Buck F Benton 6-events  
Lionel Burnett M Fort Smith 16-events
  Heather Bush F Greenbrier 14-events
  Chris Casey M Prairie Grove    
Dave Cawein M Morrilton 15-events  
Chris Chalfant M Russellville 5-events
Louis Chalfant M Hot Springs 16-events
  Thomas Chapin M Paron 38-events
Justin Cloar M Little Rock 19-events
Brian Cockrell M Shreveport, LA 11-events
Bill Coffelt M Bentonville 44-events
James Combs M Bryant    
Prae Combs F Bryant 2-events  
  Alexa Coughlan F Little Rock    
  Noelle Coughlan F Little Rock 5-events  
  Sean Coughlan M Little Rock 3-events  
Ronnie Daniel M Little Rock 29-events
  Bobbie Davidson F Roland 5-events
  Randy Davidson M Roland 17-events  
  Benjamin Davis M Lenexa, KS 1-event  
Chris Davis M Hot Springs 5-events
  Rodney Declue M North Little Rock 27-events  
  Tisha Deen F Little Rock 28-events
Aaron Dickens M Van Buren 26-events
Jonny Digby M Little Rock 4-events
William Dobbins M Little Rock 23-events
  Donna Duerr F Roland 44-events  
  Jackie Edmonds M Mountain Home 21-events  
  Mira Evans F Conway 21-events
Tom Faulkenberry M Stephenville, TX  
Chrissy Ferguson F Maumelle 115-events
Rhonda Ferguson F Little Rock 54-events  
Stan Ferguson M Maumelle 144-events  
Cliff Ferren M North Little Rock 67-events
  Jeffrey Foes M Alton, MO 21-events  
Tanner Freeman M Fayetteville 12-events  
Cymber Gieringer F Pine Bluff 14-events
  Joey Gieringer M Pine Bluff 3-events  
Paul Gigliotti M Mountain Home 1-event  
Joel Gill M Little Rock 6-events  
Elaine Gimblet F N. Little Rock 49-events
Ron Gimblet M N. Little Rock 60-events  
Kevin Golden M Maumelle 7-events
Steve Griffin M Dallas, TX 15-events
Michael Harmon M Little Rock 22-events
Michael Hart M Front Royal, VA  
Kurt Hauser M Hot Springs 36-events
Karen Hayes F North Little Rock 38-events
Harold Hays M Little Rock 30-events
  Pam Hays F Little Rock    
Katie Helms F Little Rock 41-events
  Rob Henley M Fayetteville 1-event  
Josh Hinojosa M Springdale 5-events
Summer Hinojosa F Springdale 3-events
Michael Hirons M Wynne 15-events
Chris Ho M North Little Rock 49-events  
Tina Ho F North Little Rock 58-events
  Charlie Hoag M Fayetteville 1-event  
James Holland M Memphis, TN 34-events email
  Teressa Houston F Conway 15-events  
  Jacob Hudgins M Maumelle 1-event  
  Alan Hunnicutt M Berryville 53-events  
Wesley Hunt M Little Rock 6-events email
Pete Ireland M Benton 131-events
Alston Jennings M Little Rock 21-events  
Deb Johnson F Shawnee, KS 57-events
Kim Johnson F Harrison 52-events  
Stuart Johnson M Shawnee, KS 101-events
Yoneko Johnson F Benton 18-events
  Helen Jones F Little Rock 10-events
  Julie Kerr F Benton 7-events  
  Bryan Kilgo M Little Rock 7-events  
Elizabeth Kimble F Little Rock 37-events
Kevin King M Fayetteville 23-events
  Lloyd King M Wake Forest, NC    
Karen Knudsen F Littlr Rock 8-events
Thaveep Leach F Oppelo 15-events
Wesley Leach M Oppelo 17-events
Todd Lewellen M Paron 1-event  
Eddy Light M Judsonia 17-events
Bob Marston M Roland 38-events
  Bill McAbee M Sherwood 2-events  
  James Alex McGraw M Conway    
Rebecca McGraw F Conway 28-events
  Mike McMillan M North Little Rock    
Joe Milligan M Maumelle 19-events
Tina Mitchell F North Little Rock 26-events
  Julia Moffitt F Barling    
Lorena Moody F Benton 15-events
  Ann M. Moore F Little Rock 68-events  
James Moy M Benton 1-event
Brett Nguyen M Fort Smith 37-events
  Hoa Nguyen F Fayetteville 2-events  
  Paul Noble M Benton 3-events  
  Logan Oliver M North Little Rock 1-event  
Brady Paddock M Texarkana 5-events  
  Tabatha Park F Royal 17-events
  Mitchell Perry M Little Rock  
Ernie Peters M Little Rock 33-events  
Charley Peyton M Little Rock 12-events  
Lou Peyton F Little Rock 116-events
Matthew Pickard M Conway 16-events
  William Plante M Bryant    
Michelle Posey F Little Rock 9-events  
  Christi Potter F Texarkana, TX 6-events  
  Troy Potter M Texarkana, TX 11-events  
Brian Powell M Rogers 9-events
Dale Powell M Mena 15-events
Matt Pruitt M Little Rock 13-events  
Dottie Rea F Vilonia 65-events  
  Lance Reaves M Maumelle 7-events
Charles Redditt M Conway 14-events
  Lucia Redditt F Conway    
  Robert Redditt M Conway    
  Jesse Riley M Mabelvale 12-events  
Kimmy Riley F Mabelvale 161-events  
Monica Ritchie F Sherwood 17-events
  Ian Rogers M Little Rock 4-events  
David Samuel M Mount Ida 30-events  
Corbett Sanders M Hot Springs 14-events
Rolfe Schmidt M Fayetteville 4-events  
Brad Schmitt M Maumelle 8-events
Lindsay Sellers F Benton    
Shawn Sellers M Benton 1-event  
William Simpson M Little Rock 38-events
Hobbit Singleton F Maumelle 8-events
Tom Singleton M Maumelle 38-events
  Kirk Smith M Little Rock    
Malcolm Smith M Texarkana, TX 20-events fbook
  Kendell Snyder M Jacksonville 6-events  
  Rhonda Snyder F Jacksonville 1-event  
  Shelley Sparks F Farmerville, LA 13-events  
Byron Speas M Little Rock    
Gary Speas M Little Rock 38-events  
Rita Speas F Little Rock 2-events  
Angela Stewart F Fayetteville 28-events
Jim Tadel M Monticello 26-events  
Paul Turner M Conway 116-events
  Ashley Vacca F Mena    
  Francesca Vacca F Mena    
  Isabel Vacca F Mena    
Scott Vacca M Mena 5-events  
  Sophia Vacca F Mena    
Timothy Via M Dardanelle 6-events  
Podog Vogler M Russellville 108-events
Ben Walters M Rock City 25-events
Beth Walters F Fort Smith 10-events
Lisa Webb F Sherwood 1-event
Jamie White F Little Rock 5-events  
  Zachary Williams M Bryan, TX    
Robin Wilson M Jonesboro 3-events
Randy Windle M Hot Springs 22-events  
Bruce Wood M Sherwood 26-events