Lake Winona Park

Saturday, May 31, 6:30 am

Distance: 23 miles (+/-) 


    Terrain: Gentle hills

    Surface: Ouachita Trail, forest roads and 4-wheeler trails

    Also a 12-mile Kitty Run option




Queens and Kings of the Trail!

The 2013-2014 Ultra Trail Series awards ceremony will be held after the run.


To get there:

Driving directions from Williams Junction (intersection of highways 10 and 9) : Go south on Hwy 9 for 5.7 miles.  Turn right onto Lake Winona Road .  Follow Lake Winona Rd for 4 miles (first two miles are blacktop, last two miles are gravel) to intersection with FSR 114 (right) and FSR 778 (straight).  Go right, up the hill, and turn left into the park.  Be quiet when you arrive so as to not disturb the park superintendant.

No entry fee, no frills; there will be a waiver to sign morning of run.  Water will be available every 4 to 5 miles, and there will be one aid station with minimal aid near the halfway point.  You are encouraged to carry a water bottle and any snacks you want.  For more information, contact Stan.


Rules for Lake Winona Park:

#1  DO NOT park on the grass.  If there is no space available in the parking lot when you arrive, there is some additional parking space just inside the gate from FSR 114.

#2  Keep Off the spillway and levy.

#3  No bike riding is allowed in the park except in the parking lot and drive.



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