Race Directors and Aid Station Captains

The club wishes to thank the following people for their service:

Full mOOn 50K
RD: Susy Sturgeon
25k Turnaround AS: Jayme, Elaine Gimblet
50k Turnaround AS: Lou & Charley Peyton

Mt. Nebo Trail Run
RD: Tom Aspel

Arkansas Traveller 100
RD: Stan & Chrissy Ferguson
Brown's Creek AS: Rosemary Rogers & friends
Flatside Pinnacle AS: Michael Harmon & friends
Lake Sylvia AS: Lou & Charley Peyton
Pumpkin Patch AS: Lisa Gunnoe & friends
Electronic Tower AS: Kirk Riley, Bob Hunthrop, Arkansas Running Klub
Rocky Gap (212) AS: Bill Brass & Hash House Harriers
Lake Winona AS: Dale Burns, Pete Ireland, Maurice Robinson & Saline County Striders
Pigtrail AS: Carla & Mike Branch & friends
Club Flamingo AS: Paul Turner & friends
Smith Mountain AS: Kim Fischer & friends
Powerline AS: Charlie Dunn & friends
Copperhead Road AS: Cindy & Paul Schoenlaub & friends
Turnaround AS: Dottie Rea & friends
Vounteer coordinator: Susy Sturgeon

Bona Dea 50k
RD: Tom Aspel & Stan Ferguson

Sunset 6/12/24 Hour Endurance Run
RD: Pete Ireland

Lake Ouachita Vista Trail Marathon
RD: Phil Carr

Athens Big Fork Trail Marathon
RD: Brady Paddock

RD: James Holland

White Rock Classic 50k
RD: Lisa Gunnoe, PoDog Vogler

LOViT 100k
RD: Dustin & Rachel Speer

Styx'n Stones Trail Run
RD: Mark DenDerder

Ouachita Trail 50K/50M
RD: Chrissy Ferguson

Mt. Magazine Trail Run
RD: Paul Turner

If I've left someone out, and I'm sure I have, please let me know.

A BIG thanks to all the volunteers that make these races possible!