AURA History for Brady Paddock

Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon
2009 10 Brady Paddock 42 5:39:12 (26M)
2008 3 Brady Paddock 41 Texarkana, TX 4:59:00 (26M)

Hot Springs Nat. Pk. Trail Run
2017 Brady Paddock Texarkana M 50 3:56 (18M)
2016 Brady Paddock Hot Springs M 49 3:15 (18M)

Mt. Magazine trail Run
2016 Brady Paddock Hot Springs M 49 3:10 (18M)

My running history and why I joined AURA

I've enjoyed running since I was a youngster. I ran the 1/2 mile, 1 mile, and 2 mile races in junior high and high school. Later on, I started trying marathons. I've run the Dan Man, White Rock, Chicago, Boston, and Big Sur marathons (some several times) on the road. I've also completed IM Louisville and IM Arizona. But my favorite endurance event of all (and the most brutal by far) is the Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon (ABF). I've run it twice. I've hiked it several times. Every time I'm on the ABF, I'm blown away by its beauty. I'm not really an Ultra runner at all, but I do love running on the trails. This year, I volunteered to be the race director of the ABF. After only three days of working on the trail with George Peterka, Greg Bourns, Kurt Hauser, Malcolm Smith, and Todd Payne, I'm wondering why I volunteered for the job! Of course, I'm kidding; I know why I volunteered -- because the trails in Arkansas, and the ABF in particular, are spectacular. We are blessed to live among them. Hope to see you at the ABF for many years to come!

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